About Us

Maxwell Led Lighting Design Co., Ltd.

We create LED design based lighting systems, integration of light and electronic. We design applications for standard and custom projects, and accompany customers from initial concept through the installation phase in order to adjust to its special needs, and provide the best possible fit. We focus about the quality by using good grade LEDs of the highest quality. It made our LED system and design become one of a leader for media and architectural applications and can be found in variant projects in Thailand. Maxwell LED Lighting Design Company Limited : Maxwell LED is specializing in architectural indoor& outdoor lighting. We become one of specialized in indoor and outdoor lighting solutions for architects designing lighting plans for buildings such as shops, nightclubs, hotels, restaurants, university, etc. With 10 years experiences of our designers, and the quality of products that we provided to customers. After designing and renovating custom designs, we have experienced a constantly growing interest for our offers by potential clients.

LED (Light Emitting Diode) is an electric component with unique properties. It converts electric current directly into visible light. The light spectrum is determined by the material used to create it.
LED was developed during the 20th century. In the beginning only green LED light was available but with time more colors were made possible and light output has increased dramatically ever since.

What are the advantages of LEDs?
LEDs have a variety of advantages over other light sources: , High-levels of brightness and intensity High reliability (resistant to shock and vibration) ,High-efficiency ,No UV Rays Low-voltage and current requirements,Long source life 50,000 – 100,000 hours Low radiated heat,Can be easily controlled,Various ways to apply LED for the decorations